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We offer custom design services and consulting as well as a portfolio of proven stock designs. Cope Aluminum Boats was an early convert to computer aided design and CNC cutting of boat parts and sees automated cutting as a vital tool in the search for quality and efficiency. Cope Aluminum Boats started CNC cutting boats in 1993.

To design our boats we use state of the art dedicated boat design software, Autoship, Autostructure and Autocad.

Autoship the best marine 3D surface modeling program available. It is specifically for boat design and includes the ability to do hydrostatic calculations and plate development (turning curved hull plates into flat patterns for the cut file) .The complete hull, deck and cabin is drawn in Autoship. It is an expensive program, but the quality of its output is unmatched.

Autostructure ----A 3D marine modeling program, Autostructure is a sister program of Autoship, and is used to design the internal structural components of the boats, such as frames, bulkheads, longitudinals and girders. This program has the ability to produce parts that the programs used by most other designers simply can't, such as longitudinals that are normal to the surface of hull plates.

Autocad ----The drafting program we use to produce the cutfiles and construction drawings for each boat.

Thirty nine years of aluminum boatbuilding experience allows us to offer you designs that are practical, good looking and durable.

Stock Designs:

•  Stock designs give the purchaser the right to build one boat to that design.

•  Each stock design has been built either by Cope Aluminum Boats or other builders

•  Each stock design comes with a complete set of construction drawings to enable you to successfully assemble the boat.

•  The construction drawings include written assembly information where necessary, as well as a welding schedule.

•  Each design comes with a plate list so you can order the aluminum for the boat

•  Each stock design comes with a digital cutfile to enable CNC cutting of all the parts.

•  Jig drawings, and a jig parts cutfile for assembly jigs are provided as needed

•  Each design entitles the purchaser to a reasonable amount of consultation. This can be by phone and E-mail.

•  Bruce has helped first time boat builders hundreds of miles distant, successfully build fairly complex boats of his design with advice on everything from welding machines, cutting and grinding materials to assembly techniques.

•  Stock designs are a bargain. If a stock design will fill your requirements it will save you building time and give you a proven hull.

What is a Cut File?
A cutfile consists of digital drawings of the aluminum parts used to build the boat. These parts are nested (grouped) on drawings of aluminum sheets of stock sizes (5ft x 20' for e.g.) A lot of thought is put into nesting the parts in the most efficient manner to make the best use of each plate. The goal is to minimize waste. Each part has its name etched on it, as well as any bend lines and line-up marks that are needed.

The cut file will be sent to the company of your choice that has the capability of CNC cutting the parts. The parts can be cut by CNC plasma, waterjet, router, or laser (laser is not commonly used on large aluminum jobs) we will send the cutfile to any company that has, or will make, a proprietary agreement with Cope Aluminum Boats.

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Stock Designs