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Designing for Volvo IPS

Bruce Cope has extensive experience designing aluminum yachts powered by the Volvo IPS system. Bruce designed the Coastal Craft 420, 400, 450, and 56' models which are all powered by the Volvo IPS system. Coastal Craft Welded Aluminum Boats is the first metal boat builder in North America to use the Volvo IPS drive system and to my knowledge is still the only metal boat builder in North America to do so.

Designing for Production

Take your boat building business to the next level. Cope Aluminum Boats and Design has years of experience designing production boats. These boats range from a 12' Bass Boat design that was shipped to Japan by the container load to a 56' twin diesel motor yacht with 1800 HP. To assist production and semi-custom production builders, Bruce has developed a building system for aluminum construction which is called the “Cope Integrated Multi Model Jig System.” This is a system that integrates the use of 3D computer modeling; CAD cut files and a jig that Cope Aluminum Boats has designed that is used for multiple boat models. This one-jig concept is a huge time and money saver. You don't need ten different jigs for ten different models, one jig does it all. This system lends itself to yards that have many different models but typically build one or two boats of one model, before switching to a different model. Using the Cope Integrated Multi Model Jig System allows you to build boats upright, insures consistent accuracy of fit-up and fast changeover between different models.

Consulting for Start-Ups

If you are a fiberglass or wood boat builder and want to diversify into aluminum construction, or are a new boatbuilding “start up” and need to hit the ground running, Cope Aluminum Boats and Design can help your new venture get off to a pain free beginning.

Bruce Cope has 39 years of hands on aluminum boatbuilding and design experience to put at your disposal. Our consulting services include all aspects of aluminum boat construction including but not limited to:

-suitability of designs for aluminum construction

-equipment needed for aluminum construction

-shop layout for aluminum construction

-welding equipment and welder training

-plate forming for round bilge( typically sailboats or trawler yachts ) or flared bow designs

-custom extrusion design for mass or series production of small boats using light plate

-paint preparation and hull fairing